Holiday Clubs

We offer children’s holiday clubs for Churches.  We can run these in school holidays.  Our general format is a Monday – Friday and then an all age service at the host Church on the Sunday but as always, this can be tailored to suit your specific requirements if necessary.

We currently offer 4 themed holiday clubs.  These are:

The “I am’s” of Jesus through a jungle theme.

The life of David through a winter theme.

The life of Jesus through a space theme.

Noah’s Ark

Our holiday clubs offer a 2 hour morning session, followed by an afternoon or evening session which is an activity for children and sometimes their families.  These are activities such as a quiz night, talent show, disco etc.  The holiday club will then finish on the Sunday with an all age themed service to which we encourage as many family and friends to come as possible.  We also specialise in mini holiday clubs which can be done in 3 days.

We can provide a team of people to help run the holiday club alongside Andrew and Sarah.  It is our aim to work alongside the host Church for as long as possible beforehand to make sure we are appropriate to that particular setting.  Once again costs will vary depending on size of team, PA, travel etc. 

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