Weekly clubs and training for churches

Children’s weekly clubs


We have been running children’s clubs for children in the Church community for many years.  We currently head up the children’s work at our Church, Chelwood Baptist.  We are very happy to work alongside a Church in setting up a children’s club, helping with child protection processes, training for leaders, promotion, material and resources and are also happy to help launch the club.

We can visit children’s groups to run a whole night or just to run one aspect of it such as the “talk” or the games. 


Training for Churches


We can offer training for Churches on children’s work.  These are practical and interactive and we want to use them to encourage Churches and their workers as well as helping to make your children’s work as effective as possible.  We can tailor these sessions to fit in with what an individual Church requires.  We also facilitate children’s worker away sessions to reflect on the church’s children’s ministry.

These sessions can also be combined with another part of our work

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